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Summer heat, summer hiatus

Hey all,

Just wanted to say I’m still here but I’d been having a “writer’s block” in June/July and I needed some more time to gather new thoughts.

I’d been taking long breaks away from the Internet this summer, especially to get more of the opportunity to meet womyn in the real world (i.e. real-life friends, etc).

I’ve got quite a few posts (in mind and in draft) that need more preparation. I want to talk more about various things:  race, gendered violence, divides among women, heteronormative oppression, lesbianism, lesbian pride, etc. So I’ve not gone. I will be back as soon as I can. 😉

Meawhile, I’d just like to make one thing very clear: the links that are on my blogroll do not all always represent what I necessarily agree with. Those links represent more what I like visiting when I’ve got time to go look at what’s going on the radical feminist blogosphere. There are many posts which I find great and I agree with (hence why the blogs are on my blogroll), but there are occasionally other posts where I find myself strongly disagreeing with what’s being written (just making it clear).

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